FlyandFlow is about encouraging more women to get on the water and tap into fly fishing. FlyandFlow connects all levels of female anglers through various fly fishing destinations around the world. The journey is just as important as the the fish we find.

​​No Bananas On The Boat.


I’m a New Englander who grew up on the water. I developed a love for fishing at a very young age. My father played a very impactul role in my fly fishing journey.  I remember watching him as a kid effortlessly bomb out a cast and the pure joy on his face when he would hook into a striper.  His passion for fly fishing was contagious. While I grew up with a familiarity of fly fishing, it wasn’t until 2009 that I first picked up a fly rod. My first fish on the fly was a bonefish in the Bahamas. Clearly, I was hooked from there. My fly fishing pursuit has lead me all around the world, even to Montana to attend guide school. 

I often reflect on my fly fishing journey and what I’ve discovered about myself beyond my love for fishing. When I started fly fishing years ago, I was more in search of “the one.” In later years, my journey has evolved into fly fishing becoming my sacred place. While there’s nothing more that I love than having a fly rod in my hand, I’ve found that the journey is what actually drives my lifelong passion. FlyandFlow is about encouraging more women to get on the water, self reflection, discovery, new fishing friends and exotic trips around the world. Tight lines~